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These are some pretty realistic birds made of just wood and paper

With only wood, paper and some pretty deft fingers, London-based artist and sculptor Zack Mclaughlin produces beautiful birds for us to gasp in wonder.

His inspiration comes from an ardent love for nature and it certainly shows his ‘sense of childlike wonder and awe for everything that nature creates’, as stated by him in his website. Mclaughlin made his first bird sculpture for his children’s book concept about a young boy who made a paper bird lantern which flew away. As he was unable to visualize how to go about painting this, he decided to make it instead and has never looked back since.

Mclaughlin further elaborated: ‘As I have this fascination with nature, I love trying to recreate it in my own way so I can take what magic there is home whilst leaving the true beauty out there to continue inspiring and growing’.

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