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Marlon Brando’s private island resort in French Polynesia

It was 1960 when Marlon Brando came across the island of Tetiaroa in French Polynesia while filming ‘Mutiny on the Bounty’. Immediately enchanted by the island’s beauty, the Polynesian way of life and his Tahitian co-star Tarita Teriipaia who became his third and last wife, Brando set about acquiring his very own piece of paradise.

And in 1967, acquired Tetiaroa – an atoll near Tahiti made up of 12 small Polynesian islands wrapped around a breathtakingly serene lagoon.

He renamed the island ‘The Brando’ and built 12 palm-thatched shacks along the coastline of one of the islands, Motu Onetahi, but it was far from what the actor had envisioned for his island paradise. Now, more than a decade after his death, The Brando has been taken over by a Tahitian-based property developer and reopened in July 2014 as one of the finest eco-friendly resorts in the world.

Featuring 35 private villas along the coast of Motu Onetahi, two gourmet restaurants, two hotel bars, a luxurious spa, and an organic fruit orchard and vegetable garden, The Brando is a true self-sustaining luxury environment with practices in keeping with Brando’s vision. Instead of building the villas over the water like many other Polynesian island resorts, the villas are set back from the beach as not to interfere with sea turtle habitats.

And to protect the reef and its inhabitants, the island can only be accessed via the resort’s private plane.

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