This majestic landscape was completed by one artist using not brushes but a pair of skates

Before you start imagining what sort of huge brushes Tian Haisu had used for her mega 13 metres (43 feet) tall by six metres (20 feet) wide painting of a Chinese landscape, stop. It was actually painted by skates she put on which have been adapted to hold a pot of paint attached to the wheels.

This latest painting of hers called ‘Blood-Lane-Line’ has gone on exhibition in the California College of Arts. And Tian painted it using roller skates instead of the traditional calligraphy brushes. She had wanted to give the traditional Chinese landscape painting a whole new lease of life, calling the self-invented process ‘landskating’.

The painting is deliberately hung so that the top half is on the wall and the bottom half flows onto the floor. The intention is to convey that heaven and earth are filled with the artistry of her creation.

Tan, a graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute, and currently a student of the California College of Art, started painting at three. She got her big break at age 18, when one of her artworks was selected for display during the Olympics held in China.

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Artist Creates Masterpiece Painting With Roller Skates

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