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Become a glorified food critic with this olfactic dog nose

You can finally improve the taste of your meals with a simple (though weird) gadget: the Olfactic Dog Nose. This wearable nose is from British food creator Charlie Harry Francis and is meant to be soaked in water 10 minutes before you eat.

The Olfactic Dog Nose then ‘moistens the nasal cavity’ which will improve your eating experience by opening up the scents and flavours. Much like how a dog’s nose is always wet, this add-on nose works the same way.

‘Without this, a strawberry just tastes sweet, it doesn’t taste of strawberry’, Francis tells The Daily Meal. ‘In the same way as our eyes don’t work well in the dark, our nose doesn’t work well if it’s dry. The Olfactic Dog Nose works by introducing a warm moist buffer between your nasal cavity and the outside air, which moistens the mucous membranes in your nose allowing them dislodge any irritants and making them better able to dissolve odorants into your mucus lining so they can be detected by your olfactory receptors’.

I’m still a little skeptical but I’ll give anything a shot, especially if it looks as goofy as this.

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Olfactic Nose
Olfactic Nose

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