Featured Image for Gotham Air flies you to your destination in NYC, just like Uber

Gotham Air flies you to your destination in NYC, just like Uber

The beauty of using Uber is the convenience of it all. Need a car to come get you? A few clicks and you’re done. But what happens when you’re stuck in Manhattan traffic and you’ve got to make it to the airport in a short period of time? No Uber car could ever get you there fast enough. That’s why you’ll have to go with Gotham Air.

This helicopter company will take you to either JFK or Newark Airport in as little as 6 minutes. A car service would’ve taken you around 2 hours in rush hour traffic. And this service – just like Uber – comes with an app so you can plan ahead before your chopper picks you up.

The only downside?

Ok, there’s more than one. First, a flight will cost you around US$199. Second, each flight has very little luggage storage so if you’re planning an overseas getaway from Manhattan, you’d be better off going with a car. And third, you’ll need to grab at least four other people to fly with you at the same time before the chopper takes off. So there’s a lot of stuff that needs to be ironed out before this becomes the next big thing, but seriously, if you can afford a chopper ride to the airport, why wouldn’t you take it?

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Gotham Air helipad
Gotham Air inside
Gotham Air
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