Waiting at the traffic lights, these antsy Russians decided it was dance-off time

There’s a 1977 hit by the Jackson 5 titled Keep on Dancing. You might’ve heard it before-it’s quite catchy. Well, maybe this is why a group of Russians decided to keep on dancing at the traffic lights.

Not once but twice! After coming to a halt at the traffic lights in their car, not one, not two, but three toe-tapping Russians decided to get out of the car in the freezing cold and do a little jig to stay warm and liven up an otherwise ordinary commute for drivers.

The danced until the lights went green, then jumped back inside to get warmed up for their next performance at the set of traffic lights down the road. I can only hope this went on for the entire evening. I know it’s a safety hazard, but is there any way we can we go ahead and make this a new trend?

Via Weird Russia

Russian traffic light dance-off
Russian traffic light dance-off
Russian traffic light dance-off

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