109-year-old woman reveals the secret to living a long life: avoiding men!

As of January 2nd, Scotland’s oldest woman, Jessie Gallan, celebrated her 109th birthday. In STV News’ interview with the centenarian, she revealed the secrets to living such a long and healthy life. Her secret? Avoid men. She confesses, they are ‘more trouble than they’re worth.’ (Boy, we know that!) She also claims ‘plenty of exercise’, eating porridge and avoiding marriage have all contributed to her additional years on earth.

Even now, Ms Gallan manages to exercise everyday and keeps herself busy, filling the hours with various activities. She says she’s always been very self-reliant. Well, if self-dependence and being single mean adding extra years, sign me up! Thanks for the wise advice, Jessie and a belated happy birthday.

Via Elite Daily

109 woman
109 year old

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