Featured Image for This artist turns aerial photos of various landscapes into carpets

This artist turns aerial photos of various landscapes into carpets

The next time you’re shopping for a new carpet, you might just be adorning your home with the lush fields of the Netherlands or the busy streets of Hong Kong. ‘LANDCARPET’ is a series by Austrian architect Florian Pucher, wherein he uses satellite imagery as inspiration for his carpet designs. Amazed by the world’s landscapes ever since he was a child, the Beijing-based artist now turns the birds-eye-view aerial photos he gets from different online mapping services to turn them into rugs.

‘Some countries are very easily recognizable through their methods of farming and that has always intrigued me,” Pucher tells Colossal. ‘Furthermore as an architect and master planner I constantly get to see and look through site surveys, aerial images and city plans which have further sharpened my eye for distinguishable patterns and different layers’.

Pucher releases only 88 editions of his personally signed, hand-tufted LANDCARPETs. You can see his designs and purchase them here.

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