This YouTuber has a brilliant idea for holiday cheer: a portable mistletoe!

YouTuber Blake Grisby certainly knows how to spread holiday cheer. With his clever mistletoe contraption strapped to his backpack, the greenery designed to receive a happy holiday kiss follows Blake overhead. In the middle of a Christmas market in Chicago, Blake walks around in hopes of landing some kisses and spreading some holiday cheer.

He did just that! Many people laughed at his brilliant idea, and many different people gave him a nice peck. Women of all ages, a few men and even a baby joined in to celebrate this holiday season with Blake. There was even an awkward third wheel moment when a couple used Blake for his mistletoe.

Either way it’s a cute video and made us happy!

Via Mashable

Mistletoe Contraption
Mistletoe Contraption
Mistletoe Contraption
Mistletoe Contraption

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