Guy takes his unsuspecting girlfriend into a photo booth, and proposes!

This is beautiful. Kevin Moran, from Chicago, hatched a plan to propose to his girlfriend, Molly, while in a photobooth to capture the moment in a unique way. As it happens – the photos are spectacular and there’s video footage from the booth as well.

As the set-up unfolds – and poor Kevin appears to have a few nerves – the camera rolls and the set of photos taken are a perfect harmony of timing and brilliant reactions – the second photo, in particular! (Watch the video below to see it all go down).

Happily, Kevin’s to-be fiancée can’t believe her eyes and the whole thing is a joy to watch, let alone actually be the happy couple.

(And just to explain the video, Kevin told Reddit that the couple were given a code later to go online and download the footage, which we didn’t know you could do at photobooths)