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Now, this is novel: Sydney art gallery combines visual art with meditation

The Artereal gallery, in Sydney’s inner west suburb of Rozelle, recently held a free event titled Inhale: From Meditation to Manifestation. Positioned as ‘the merging of contemporary art, community and consciousness’, the evening saw 40 or so guests welcomed into the intimate contemporary space for a meditation workshop with the main exhibiting artist, Noula Diamantopoulos, whose exhibition Inhale – receiving the divine gift, served as the ideal backdrop to allow the attendees to explore the benefits of meditation.
Afterwards, speaking to Diamantopoulos, who aims to merge art with consciousness through her art practice and also through ongoing studio workshops and acclaimed performance work, she said: ‘Meditation is becoming increasingly mainstream; the benefits are countless and undisputed. As part of this free event, we wanted to create a safe space for people to learn about and explore different meditation techniques and to forge connections with other like-minded people’.

Also displayed in the gallery during the evening were several pieces of work from Melbourne-based artist Cyrus Tang’s series All that is solid, which is said to ‘symbolise meditations on loss and longing’, with her practice focusing on ‘the disappearance of things, people, places or objects, and their dissolution into remembrance, sometimes fantasy’.

The pieces on display used human hair to depict beautiful portraits of people at rest after death, with the artist explaining: ‘The traces of life are like the flow of some memory that wanders like a shadow around us. Hair suggests fragility and the ephemeral, yet remains long after the body’s death’.

Challenging yet compelling stuff.

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