This concept device converts used plastic bottles into clothing before your eyes

Do you ever find yourself wondering what exactly happens to all the plastic bottles you chuck in the recycling, does anything actually come of it or does it all just end up in the same place anyway? Hungarian designer Kovács Apor helps us to imagine a future where you can cut out all the middle men and contain the whole recycling process within your house. Apor’s concept design for PETE is a wall-mounted feature into which you feed your empty plastic bottles.

Simply choose a style, cut and colour and PETE will convert the plastic into polyester and dispense a new item of clothing.

Using innovative 3D printing, PETE is essentially a very sophisticated trash bin and its creator hopes in the future designs like it will help to promote sustainable creativity. The idea, which is one of six finalists for the annual Electrolux Design Lab, first came to Apor when he visited the Danube Delta in Romania and saw that it was choked with plastic refuse.

‘It was sad to think that when the Danube recedes, the land is going to be filled with [polyethylene] bottles,’ he explains. ‘I truly hope, that in the future we can reuse the plastic bottles in our homes, protecting the environment.’

Via Ecouterre

PETE lead image

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