Featured Image for Check out some of Melbourne’s best street art at Hosier Lane

Check out some of Melbourne’s best street art at Hosier Lane

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When you think of Melbourne, you might think of shopping, lattes and football. But stroll along Hosier Lane and this Victorian capital is going to blow you away with some of Australia’s best street art. Positioned right opposite Federation Square in Melbourne’s city centre, this laneway is home to some of the world’s most iconic urban art, created by leading artists, including Ha-Ha, Psalm, Meggs, Vexta, and Civilian.

The beauty of Hosier Lane is that the art is constantly changing. Back in 2013 the laneway was updated with fresh art by local artists, so you can be sure that whenever you pop into Hosier Lane, you’re seeing some truly unique-and recent-works of art.

Hosier Lane isn’t the only street art hotspot in Melbourne, either. Keep walking along Hosier Lane and you’ll come to Rutledge Lane, an equally incredible alleyway full of local street art.

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Hosier Lane Melbourne
Hosier Lane Melbourne
Hosier Lane Melbourne

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