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Pampshade: real loaves of bread turned into lamps

You read that right: Bread loaves that are now lamps. ‘Pampshade’, a combination of the words ‘pan’ (‘bread’ in Japanese) and ‘lampshade’, is a truly unique albeit somewhat bizarre creation from designer Yukiko Morita.

Back in 2006, Morita worked part-time at a bakery in Kyoto. There she found her love for all things bread. ‘I love bread. Bread is cute’, she says. ‘I want to display it in my room and stare at it’. After graduating from art school a few years later, she started work on a bread prototype that she could proudly display in her room, minus the mold infestation.

At the 2014 Tokyo Design Week, she finally unveiled her creations. A mix between a coat of resin, bread flour, salt, yeast, LED, batteries, and other secret ingredients. Her collection includes croissants, baguettes, batards, and boules. You can find out more about these very interesting lamps on their website.

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