The Co-Create Series: Yiying Lu’s illustration inspired by a brilliant dog-spider prank

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For the Co-Create series, we’ve invited six of Australia’s most talented creative talents to produce original work exclusively for Lost At E Minor inspired by some of their favourite posts on the site and using only the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. In this installment, illustrator Yiying Lu, who has done artwork for Disney and Conan O’Brien, and is well-known as the creator of the ubiquitous Twitter Fail Whale, took inspiration from this epic dog-spider prank that left everyone who watched it on the edge of their seats. These are her words about the creative process.

‘This artwork is inspired by Lost At E Minor’s post about the Greatest Prank Ever?, which featured a small dog in a frighteningly real spider’s costume.

‘This was the first time for me to create an artwork from scratch by using only the digital medium. So I decided to record my process of making (see below): the sketch and illustration were created via Adobe Illustrator CC with both the Surface pen and a mouse; the Gif animation was created via Adobe Photo CC and the video was created in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

‘All software was run within Windows 8 on the Microsoft Surface Pro 3’.

Spider-dog illustration by Yiying Yu
Spider-dog illustration by Yiying Yu