A day in the life of a tourist in London, shown in over a thousand Instagram photos

Let’s face it, wherever they go tourists always end up doing the same thing. In London for example, tourists follow the same old beaten paths to take the same old photos and this video proves it. Created by filmmaker Lorenzo Antico, London In A Day is a collection of photographs from across Instagram put into a cool stop-motion video.

Antico painstakingly 1017 photos uploaded to Instagram by visitors to London. He hunted for those images that showed typical London scenes like the Shard and Tower Bridge as well as the stereotypical Instagrammer stock photos of breakfast and shoes.

The result is a pretty awesome film, and if any of these photos look familiar than you should contact Lorenzo about getting your share of the profits!

About the author

Milo Sumner is a day-dreamer, living and breathing in London. When feeling low, he tends to cut loose and chase after dogs in the park. Otherwise he can usually be found pondering what to have for lunch.