A GoPro was strapped to a liquor bottle at a wedding and the results are hilarious

For anyone who has been to a wedding – the coming together of two people deeply in love, on their special day, is actually all about sharing alcohol with friends and family. As this very accurate GoPro footage will attest.

If this isn’t the right way to use a GoPro – you know, outside of on your dog, falling from the sky into a pig-pen, or in a dishwasher.

Big shout out to the guy his holding his daughter, the bride and groom’s parents getting involved, and the people who came back for seconds and thirds. That’s the spirit!

As for the germaphobes among you, well, weddings are a time for love and sharing backwash! As it happens, despite it being alcohol, there’s probably not a high enough alcohol concentration in Fireball whisky to kill bacteria at just 33%.

From our days back in the biology lab, the approximate correct antibacterial concentration of alcohol is between 60-90% volume with water. Got that?

Oh well, at least they’ve got this video to remember. Or not. Anyway – congrats from us to the happy couple: Brian and Allie!

Via Techly