NYC artists take over subway carriage in a battle of art against advertising

There was a time when the subway trains of New York were covered in vibrant graffiti, inside and out. Sadly that time is past and now advertising companies pay premium dollar for the same privilege that has made graffiti artists outlaws.

In a bid to reclaim a stake in the visual aesthetic of NYC’s subway, artists SKI and 2ESAE took a ride at 3am and pasted their graphics over every advertisement in the carriage. There message is simple, who got to make the decision that soul-less commercial advertisements are more acceptable than unique graffiti-art that speaks directly the mind of a talented individual?

‘We’re not trying to sell you something. We’re trying to tell you something,’ explain the duo, who are collectively known as Animal New York.

Via Elite Daily

Animal New York
Animal New York
Animal New York

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