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This awesome Hulk statue is made of thousands of nuts and bolts

While it make not exactly be a convenient sculpture to have around the house, this life-sized model of the Incredible Hulk is just too great for words. Made entirely from old nuts and bolts, the statue is the work of Ban Hun Lek, a Thai company that make scrap metal art.

Ban Hun Lek specialise in beasts and characters from popular culture such as superheroes, aliens and even the odd dragon.

According to Ban Hun Lek’s website, all their sculptures are ‘hand made with quality Thai art skills, piece by piece from used auto parts almost valueless. Bolts, nuts, screws, spark plug and others used auto parts have been re-created by our skilful welders with just a normal electric welding technique. Each scrap metal art you can feel a touch of feeling of life and the spirit of artists who created those art.’

Check out more scrap metal art sculpture from Ban Hun Lek here.

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