Featured Image for The Co-Create Series: Victoria Garcia’s textile piece inspired by a 3,200 year-old giant tree

The Co-Create Series: Victoria Garcia’s textile piece inspired by a 3,200 year-old giant tree

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For the Co-Create series, we’ve invited six of Australia’s most talented creative talents to produce original work exclusively for Lost At E Minor inspired by some of their favourite posts on the site and using only the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. In this installment, textile artist Victoria Garcia, who was featured in a Lost At E Minor video back in 2013, took inspiration from this awe-inspiring 3,200 year old tree that, until now, had never been photographed in its entirety. These are her words about the creative process.

‘The idea for ‘Infinity Tree’ was inspired by the post about one of the tallest trees in the world being captured in a single photograph for the first time.

‘When I’m drawing or making patterns, there can be so much you want to capture all at once. An important part of pattern is movement, the way your eyes move through the image. So I’ve made a tree trunk that never ends – the artwork can scroll infinitely.

‘I created this work solely using Photoshop, installed onto the Surface 3 via Adobe Creative Cloud, and using only the basic circle paint brush at various point sizes, right down to 3pt.

‘Drawing digitally was an interesting experiment for me. I usually prefer to hand draw everything, so this was my first ‘digital painting’ ever.

‘It was tricky at first, but I eventually got the hang of it. This work is made up of many, many layers. I began by roughly drawing some elements – like a palm leaf very crudely, and refining the shape with a finer point of the eraser tool. I then used a much smaller point to fill in some line work for highlights and shadows.

‘I used the same process for the other elements – starting out very crudely and constantly refining and adding details- the scribbled bits in the illustration were my favourite part. From there, I worked as usual, moving the elements into composition to form a pattern.

‘This was a fun challenge and think I will be using this process a lot more in the future’.


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