Featured Image for This man scoured the beach for one million seashells to stick onto his house

This man scoured the beach for one million seashells to stick onto his house

When we were very young, we recited ‘She sells seashells by the seashore’ in its entirety to see who would get their tongue twisted. Well, Xiao Yongsheng from Lingshan Island of China’s Shandong province has put those seashells to better use instead. He spent two years building a shell house by decorating the outer walls and the roof with more than one million colorful shells he collected on his own private beach.

The largest shell weighs as much as four kilos, while the smallest one is only three millimeters long.

‘I’d always liked shells but it never struck me to use them until I was walking on a beach one morning and came across a very unusually colored clam shell and then it hit me,’ said the 58-year-old. ‘I realized I was sitting next to a huge, free supply of beautiful building material, so why not use it?’ Xiao is now using this shell house as a museum, displaying the history of the island and the daily life of local fishermen.


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