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These matching tattoo designs are utterly cool and romantic

Diamonds may be forever but in the case of some till-death-do-us-part couples, tattoos that come in matching sets will do just fine. Possibly one of the best bonding experience a couple can ever have is to go get tattoos together. If the pain doesn’t kill them, it makes their love stronger.

Do trawl the net for inspiration if you should decide to get the both of you inked cos there’re some out there – and by that, we really mean far out – you might want to seriously (re)consider. Some look good individually and good luck to those whose one half of a design is not completed without the other.

Via Buzzfeed

Matching tattoos b
Matching tattoos c
Matching tattoos d
Matching tattoos e
Matching tattoos f
Matching tattoos g
Matching tattoos h

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