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The ideal jacket for the travelling germaphobe

If you share the same fate a millions of other people around the world and find yourself crammed into overcrowded public transport every day in a desperate commute, then this might just be the perfect item for you. According to Gravitytank design studio, commuters are endlessly forced to endure a stream of germs around them. Most especially during flu season.

Spying a demand that needed to be met they designed the Germinator Transit Jacket, a handy piece of wearable innovation equipped with such hygienic fittings as a mask to pull over your mouth when your neighbour coughs, sleeves to pull over your hands to avoid touching the handrails and a removable hood so you don’t have to nap on a dirty pain of glass.

‘We started digging around to see if there was enough demand for a jacket and quickly realized that commuters are grossed out every single day.’

As well as other features of the jacket created for the germaphobe, it also includes many comfort to make commuting less of an ideal. Read more here.

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