This office disappears to prevent employees from working overtime

The Heldergroen office in Amsterdam looks just like any office during working hours, but once the clock strikes 6, a key is turned and steel cables lift the desks up into the air, effectively stopping anyone who wants to do overtime.

Designed by Bright Green and constructed by Zecc Architects, the transformable workspace is the company’s way of enforcing a healthy work-life balance. ‘We think that doing activities like this makes it easier for people to work here’, says Sander Veenendaal, creative director at Heldergroen. ‘You know when it is time to relax or do something else that inspires you’.

When the tables and chairs have been stored, the space becomes anything the employees want it to be, from a dance floor, to a yoga studio, to a networking reception. The company even lends their office for free to people who want to use it. ‘We believe that if you give something, in this case a room to do anything you like, you will eventually get something back’, Veenendaal explains.

So where do I send my resume? Watch the video below to see the office’s transformation.

Via Design Taxi


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