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Clawing back freedom of speech: fight censorship alongside your favourite felines

It’s time to fight for you rights, cats around the world unite! In a hilarious move against political leaders and dictators who restrict the right to free speech with in their countries, these feline accessories were launched by Hidemyass, an internet provider that gives users access to information blocked in their countries.

Dubbed The Pussycat Riot, the campaign is a protest against governments and leaders who prevent citizens viewing such sites as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. It harnesses the modern online obsession with cats and asks the painful question: what if your government didn’t let you watch those hilarious cat videos??

The collection features Kim Jong-Un and Vladimir Putin scratching posts as well as a kitty litter tray emblazoned with the likeness of Egypt’s Abdel Fattah El Sisi and Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The movement, apparently led by such prestigious cats as Henri Le Chat Noir and Princess Monster Truck, advertises ‘cats against cyber censorship’. It goes onto explain: ‘cuteness and humour aside, what all of the cats on the net also represent is something within ourselves: our right to be grumpy on a Monday, our right to play the keyboard at inappropriate moments, and our right to sit, content, in a tiny cardboard box. Internet cat content is a symbol of our freedoms.’

Damn right!

Feel free to purchase yourself one of these posts and show your support for freedom of speech worldwide, but be aware that they cost a whopping £4500. It’s probably all that hessian and 3D printing.


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