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This clever keyring will help you revive exhausted honeybees

Honeybees are responsible for the pollination of a whole load of things that humans like to eat, including pretty much any fruit and vegetable that springs to mind. As Einstein once said: ‘If the bees go, we go.’

Honeybees are in serious trouble and are dying off world wide due to various threats to their survival including many forms of pesticides. Global environmental groups are putting pressure on governments and corporations to wake up and recognise that colony collapse disorder (as the disappearance of honeybees has been dubbed) is truly a precursor to a worldwide catastrophe.

On a slightly lighter note, Italian designer Hady Ghassabian has come up with an easy way to help next time you see a bee in need. Often times you may see a bee lying motionless and think that it is dead or dying when in fact it is simply exhausted. Bees must fly kilometres each day in search of nectar and this can often mean they simply run out of energy and drop out of the sky. It’s a proven fact that even the tiniest taste of sugary water can make that motionless bee perk up and buzz away. (Try it yourself!)

After experimenting with his little brother, Ghassabian created The Bee Saver, a tiny bee-lifeline that can fit on your key chain. Quite simple in essence, The Bee Saver is a tiny saucer made from biodegradable plastic that holds a small amount of artificial bee-friendly nectar. One sip and this gadget will have our black and yellow friends back in the sky with another lease of life.

Here’s what Ghassabian, an aerospace engineering student at the University of Padua, had to say about his project: ‘The Bee Saver is only a small gadget to always carry with you. for example, as a keychain. It’s a micro container of artificial nectar to help the bees fallen on the ground and exhausted. The main thing is to raise awareness people about the serious situation of bees. With the Bee Saver, whenever we encounter the bees on the ground, we can help them directly, beginning a path that will lead to a greater focus on sustainability.’

While it’s unlike to stop the bee-pocalypse (it’s not funny, this is serious), The Bee Saver is exactly the right kind of thinking that today’s world needs if it wants to continue enjoying such tasty foods as… well.. everything!

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