Awesome engineers created 3D-printed superhero prosthetics for kids

Why didn’t anyone think of this awesome concept before? ‘E-Nabling The Future’, an organization that creates prosthetic limbs for children in need, came up with the concept of superhero-themed prosthetic arms. So instead of an average prosthetic arm, kids would get a prosthetic Wolverine arm, complete with claws! Now who wouldn’t get excited over that!

The concept came from 3D-printing enthusiast and ‘E-Nabling The Future’ member Aaron Brown. ‘People’s faces just lit up!’ Brown recalls when they first presented the products to the children. ‘The kids went crazy over it. And don’t worry … the claws aren’t sharp! They are rounded plastic and just stick on and off with velcro’. The overwhelming reception to the concept has already spawned other superhero designs like Iron Man and Batman.

Here’s one small step for geeks, and one giant leap for mankind!

Via Huffington Post

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