The Co-Create Series: Rod Smith’s surf video inspired by a stunning rock formation in the Australian outback

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For the Co-Create series, we’ve invited six of Australia’s most talented creative talents to produce original work exclusively for Lost At E Minor inspired by some of their favourite posts on the site and using only the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. In this installment, Rod Smith, formerly of Firekites, now of North Arm, took inspiration from an image of a person on a rock formation in the Australian outback that looked exactly like someone surfing a rock wave to create this beautiful, atmospheric video for his own composition, Onwards Upwards. These are his words about the creative process.

‘This creative work is a film-clip for a song I made as part of my current music project, North Arm. The song is called Onwards Upwards and it’s a cruisy instrumental with a real surf guitar vibe. To start creating the video, I downloaded a Surface app called, Movie Edit Touch 2, and started collecting vintage Super 8 surf footage on YouTube.

‘I realised pretty quickly that the camera on the Surface is really crisp and powerful, so I decided it would create a great effect if I was to record the footage onto the Surface by simply pointing the camera – with the video function activated – at my desktop computer screen.

‘I’ve used this method once or twice before and found that it achieved a great effect, warming up the footage and making it look really lo-fi, which I love. Once I had recorded the footage into the Surface, I used Movie Edit Touch 2 to edit it into a film-clip for the track.

‘I really dig the finished piece because the vintage surf footage is perfectly suited to the track. I understand that the old school surfboards were really hard to ride, so I really love how the surfers navigated the large surf with those big, wide and heavy boards.

‘Being an Australian, I have a strange affinity with the beach and surf culture, irrespective of the fact that I never rode a surfboard. Surfing is infused into the Australian way of life and in many ways, Onwards Upwards, pays homage to this fact’.

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