Featured Image for Artist creates awesome anime artwork on a single Post-it note

Artist creates awesome anime artwork on a single Post-it note

I hate Post-its as they were often scrawled with ‘I want this by 10 am tomorrow’ when they arrived at my work desk, stubbornly stuck on top of a stack of files. If only they came in the form of Akira Nagoya’s beautifully cut artwork. The China-Born Japanese artist is a kakmikiri (loosely translated as paper cutting) master, and many of his designs are inspired by centuries-old imagery, such as the phoenix, or nature’s flowers.

Occasionally, Nagoya turns to more modern muses, as with these amazing kakmikiri versions of some of anime’s biggest stars. Many are from Glibly films, which he obviously adores. Others are from well-known manga or TV shows. What’s even more impressive is that Nagoya doesn’t use any special, high-grade paper for his collection of Japanese animation icons? Instead, he crafts each one from a single Post-it note.

Via Spoon & Tamago

Paper cutting on Post-it b
Paper cutting on Post-it h
Paper cutting on Post-it g
Paper cutting on Post-it f
Paper cutting on Post-it e
Paper cutting on Post-it d
Paper cutting on Post-it c

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