An Unstealable Bicycle: the answer to all our problems!

There are so many positive aspects to cycling: it’s a great way to combine travel and exercise, you can avoid being crammed up with other people during your morning commute, less cars mean less emissions and also it’s simply pretty cool.

As anyone who lives in an urban area can tell you however, there’s a serious drawback to cycling around everywhere. That is, the better your bike the more likely it is to get stolen. This writer has had two bicycles stolen, each of them secured with a supposedly unbreakable lock in a well-to-do area. Frankly the vast majority of bike-locks are little more than a deterrent to the determined thief with a hefty pair of bolt-cutters in his trouser-leg.

A little bit of engineering and a whole lot of genius design has produced the Yerka Project: an ‘unstealable’ urban bicycle that is it’s own lock. As shown in the video below, if the owner wants to leave their unstealable bicycle unattended all they need to is unscrew a section of the middle frame and slot it around a lamp-post, tree or any other conveniently sturdy street feature. In this way, unlike with conventional bike-locks, any prospective thief must actively break the bicycle itself in order to steal it. Like we said, genius!

‘With our technology, we want to make riding a bike as comfortable and as secure as possible,’ explains Juan José Monsalve of Adolfo Ibáñez University in Chile, who designed the bike with the help of two fellow students. ‘You can break a lock and leave the bike intact, with our system if you break the lock you are breaking the bike, making it useless to ride or steal afterwards. It actually maintains the weight of a common urban bicycle, our idea is to maintain the same weight as long as we can, and also maintain the slick design of a traditional bike.’

About the author

Milo Sumner is a day-dreamer, living and breathing in London. When feeling low, he tends to cut loose and chase after dogs in the park. Otherwise he can usually be found pondering what to have for lunch.

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