Robin Williams was once asked how his mind is able to improvise so quickly: his response was hilarious!

In 2001 the comedy genius that was Robin Williams visited Inside The Actors Studio, the successful US TV show presented by James Lipton. As ever Williams interview was a whirlwind of words and actions in which the best anyone could do was sit back and be steam-rolled by his hilarious machinations.

Now, with a tragic note, Bravo have re-aired the episode to pay homage to the performers passing. In this extract from the full interview, Lipton asks Williams how it is that he is capable of such lightning-quick improvisation. Any of us who have seen Aladdin can testify to the mental dexterity which allowed the actor to rattle off the majority of the genie’s lines unscripted.

As you might expect Williams embarked on an answer of epic proportions lasting over six minutes, using the majority of the stage and at least one member of the audience. You just have to watch the video below and you won’t regret it.