Who knew poaching eggs could be so … beautiful?!

We’ve seen some pretty spectacular GoPro videos this year, from a pelican learning how to fly, to Mr. Fox eating the GoPro. But the most surprisingly beautiful so far? It’s an egg poaching. Sounds strange, right, but this video shows the simplicity and beauty of (cooking) science at play. [watch the video here]

Those who have tried poaching eggs will know how right everything has to be to achieve egg poaching success-the temperature must be perfect (anywhere from 71 to 85), no vigorous stirring (a water vortex may lead to abysmal failure), and it needs to be closely watched-no longer than 3 minutes, usually.

See, a lot goes into poaching those eggs. But while we’ve all been focused on poaching the perfect egg, we’ve forgotten to admire the beauty of the egg as it transforms from a goopy mess into an elegant mass of deliciousness.

Just watch the video and see for yourself!

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