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This is possibly the only pair of DIY anime jeans in the world

While fashion designers all over the world are wringing their hands in despair over what new designs they can possibly come up with for the next season’s pair of must-have jeans, one German cosplayer already has it down pat. Make it anime, of course! Known only as Kirameku for now, she has cunningly made good use of some water-based textile paints to draw strategically positioned 2D lines and creases on a pair of plain denim jeans.

Highlights and shading are then artfully applied to give some anime sort of texture and depth, something akin to 2D-going-3D-going-2D if you can grasp her strategy. Despite desperate pleas for Kirameku to produce similar jeans for sale, the lady is staying put with her one and only design. And wearing it because she can.


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