Useless KFC chicken bones are turned into valuable gold necklaces

Diamonds KFC chicken bones are a girl’s best friend. ‘Kentucky For Kentucky’ has partnered up with jewelry designer ‘Meg C’ to create a series of necklaces that’s sure to ruffle some feathers: 14K gold necklaces made out of KFC chicken bones!

How did they do it? After chomping on some delicious KFC, Meg washed the leftover bones before covering them in varnish and a graphite inductive paint. ‘After they are painted with varnish and graphite conductive paint, they have to be copper electroformed…a process of coating them with a thick layer of copper which takes about 3-4 hours per bone’, Meg explains. ‘Once they are completely covered in copper they can then be gold electroplated’.

All in all the process took a month to finish, but it was completely worth it! 20 eggs-quisite necklaces are now up for sale, with the small version fetching for $130 and the large version around $160. You can find out more about the product here.

Via Design Taxi

chicken bone necklace
chicken bone necklace 2
chicken bone necklace 3
chicken bone necklace 4
chicken bone necklace

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