Featured Image for In Australia there is an annual fashion parade … for ducks

In Australia there is an annual fashion parade … for ducks

Well, now we’ve seen everything! This quirky Australian farmer has been dressing his ducks to the nines for thirty years, and people love it. Each year, as part of the Sydney Royal Easter Show, Brian Harrington bedecks the ducks and geese in dashing outfits of pink, yellow, blue and green.

The show, Australia’s biggest annual event, attracts almost a million visitors and Brian’s birds are a much-loved highlight.

The Pied Piper Duck Show, as it is known, has been a success for three decades and features duck racing alongside the haute couture. We can’t be sure if it will ever turn into a global trend or if they will start a best-dressed duck competition, but if they do there’s no doubt that 60-year old Brian Harrington will take the biscuit.

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