Meet the fans of tomorrow today: the world’s first cheering robots

The Hanwha Eagles, a South Korean professional baseball team, became famous recently not so much for their wins but because they filled three rows of a stadium with robots they named Fanbots. Their fans can request for their faces to be projected on each Fanbot’s facial screen and their messages sent via SMS can be projected in real time by the LED placards held by these robots.

So basically, the robots are designed to ‘cheer’ on behalf of the fans who could not be physically present in the stadium to watch the game in action. The Fanbots can also be programed to lead the fans to cheer and perform the slow wave to hit that fever pitch of support. All very well and good, which leaves us with the $1,000,000 question: would the players play harder and better knowing that it is robots that are cheering them on?


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Kenny lives in Singapore and was a multi-hyphenated brand consultant-strategic marketeer-PR practitioner before he realised he is even better at not doing much. He now spends his time not thinking about it and tries to do as little as possible. He is Piscean, if that helps.