This is perhaps the strangest music video ever: little wonder we love it so much!

‘It is about a girl, a bad one, who’s too sexy for human beings’ says Juan de Guillebon, the French music producer otherwise known as DyE. He’s talking about the video for his latest track She’s Bad, a blend of animation, film and digital collaging.

Jean-Philippe Chartrand and Benjamin Mege, the creative minds behind this bizarre video were following in the footsteps of Jérémie Périn who created the NSFW video for DyE’s Fantasy back in 2011 and has so far racked up an astonishing 49 million views. Knowing that they had to create something equally shocking, Chartrand and Mege set the new video around a young women (Aude Auffret) who preys on unsuspecting men.

By splicing in footage from wildlife documentaries the filmmakers created an awesome yet confusing effect that has us watching again and again, as well as learning about the natural world. The smooth vocals of east-coast rapper Egyptian Legend top off the whole experience beautifully.

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