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Yes, this is (possibly) the most interesting deck of cards ever made

The Black Book Manifesto, the latest deck currently running on Kickstarter, is a typographic deck of playing cards that takes playing card design to the extreme. The deck is made up of 54 completely unique card designs where the court cards are typographic portraits and the number cards are created by hypnotic expanding lines of text.

‘Each card within the Manifesto deck is built using different personality words creating typographic portraits on the court cards, the rhythmic patterns on the number cards, and the hypnotic almost 3D back design.’

The Manifesto isn’t just a beautifully designed deck of cards but also a vehicle to deliver a simple, yet unique idea. An idea that may very well change the way you see playing cards.

The idea found within the pages of the Black Book Manifesto is that we all have a card within the playing card deck assigned to us based on the day we were born and the card assigned to us suggests something about our personality.

They’ve expanded on this even further by adding an interesting component. Crowd funding backers will be able to submit words for their cards and influencing what their card says. What card will you be?

Find your card and read more about this unique project here.