Yikes! Watch this underwater Shark-cam get brutally attacked by a great white shark

Wow, prepare to see some terrifying footage! In a recent scientific expedition that went awesomely awry, an automated underwater camera was stalked and savaged by the very creatures it was intended to document… Great White Sharks!

The custom-built REMUS SharkCam was despatched by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution to find and film the behemoths off the coast of Guadalupe, using sonic emitters attached to the animals. REMUS had been specially fitted with five cameras to give an all-encompassing view in order to better observe the sharks in their natural behavour. Unfortunately, it seemed that none of the very clever science people remembered that the natural behavour of great white sharks is catching and KILLLING smaller things around them.

As you may have guessed, one especially intrepid shark snuck up on the SharkCam from behind (go to 1m11s on the video below) and then promptly attacked and bit at its body repeatedly in an awe-inspiring display of its strength and ferocity.

This is the exact reason they send in robotic cameras rather than people.

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