Delicious double flavored toothpicks by Phood Station

Now here is something we didn’t see coming, the double flavoured toothpick. Developed by Montreal-based cuisine company Phood Station, the Castor Double Flavoured Toothpick blows all all previous flavoured toothpicks out of the water with it’s intense natural flavours and not a hint of artificiality to be seen.

President of Phood Station, David Desjardins, conceived the idea after noticing that toothpicks had remained unchanged throughout history, from the earliest human trying to get a scrap of mammoth out from his choppers to Ryan Gosling using one as a super sexy accessory in Drive (2011).

All ingredients for the flavours are locally sourced by experts, from experts. Flavour combinations on offer include Raspberry & Wasabi, Habanero & Honey, Basil & Strawberry and Root Beer & Fir.

The project is up on Kickstarter right now, trying to raise enough money to go into serious production.

The Castor double-flavoured toothpick by Phood Station
The Castor double-flavoured toothpick by Phood Station