Man blows up water bottles until they explode because he can

Brian Jackson, a resident of Muskogee, Oklahoma is an 11 time Guinness World Record holder who holds the record for blowing up three hot water bottles in just over a minute until they burst. This ultra dangerous stunt can lead to serous injury and even death as air from the hot water bottle can be forced back into his throat, causing his lungs to burst.

Jackson is a motivational speaker who just so happens to be a recovering drug-addicted clown, and he performs this death defying stunt at the conclusion of his speeches. ‘It can take up to 170 pounds of pressure to blow it up, like blowing up four car tires,’ Jackson said in an interview. He has blown up more than 6,000 hot water bottles since and is currently preparing for his next stunt, which will be an attempt to lift a semi-trailer off the ground by using only his lung power.