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Interview with geeky terrarium artist Jacie Anderson-Coovert

At first glance, you might believe these are ordinary terrariums, but they actually contain Sith lords, evil wizards, and turtle-stomping plumbers. Etsy seller Jacie Anderson-Coovert is responsible for these geeky creations, and in this exclusive interview, she talks more about her roots as a terrarium artist. [read our original post about Moss Love Terrariums here.]

How did you get started in the terrarium business? How long have you been doing this?
In summer of 2012, I discovered moss terrariums and instantly fell in love. I was drawn to the life a miniature figurine could bring to a tiny landscape, and how a mossy scene could take you back to places in your memory. I researched and tested like crazy before perfecting my first terrarium… it became an obsession. Dirt, everywhere! Soon after, I began hosting workshops, then selling in local stores and via craft shows. In April of 2013 I opened an online shop via Etsy, and in November launched my own online shop.

What was the inspiration for including geeky elements in terrariums?
When I first started out, I thought about what unique perspective I could bring to the terrarium world (they have been around since the Victorian era!). Aside from my love of plants and natural beauty, I’m a nerdy girl who loves sci fi, 90’s movies and a good TV show. I decided to be true to myself and meld my loves together. It was so much fun to brainstorm which memorable scenes I could re-create. I can’t stop! The excitement and smiles from others has been so motivating, and it’s awesome connecting through shared loves and memories. My pop culture terrariums are the most fun way to do that.

What was the first geeky terrarium you built and what’s your favorite? Which one in your collection is the fan favorite?
Out of my first batch of five terrariums, I would say two were mildly geeky – a unicorn and a zombie. They were definitely generating the most excitement. After I came across a bunch of vintage Star Wars miniatures at a flea market, my geeky terrariums were born! At this point, my favorite is the ‘Moss Files’ terrarium – looking at it brings back nostalgia from the show. The two fan favorites are Gandalf and Darth.

Please tell us more about the new pieces you’ve just released.
I am SO excited about these – now available in the shop are Doctor Moss and Terrarium Time! I’m also releasing a line of greeting cards next month with pop culture elements infused – you can sign up for my mailing list if you’d like to be notified. In the meantime, my talented husband Jp has awesome geeky prints worth checking out.

Lastly, we noticed you have an affinity towards moss puns, can you give us your best ones?
I like Moss Wars and Super Moss World, but my favorite title is E.T. The Extra-Terrarium. Just flows.

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