Featured Image for Everything in this London cornershop is made from felt

Everything in this London cornershop is made from felt

In a bid to bring her local community together, Lucy Sparrow raised £10,744 (roughly US$18,000) via a Kickstarter campaign to fund the  transformation of a deserted store space located in Bethnal Green of London. What’s extraordinary about it? Everything inside The Cornershop is made out of felt – canned goods, newspapers, toiletries, cigarettes – all 4,000 of them, including a full-size cash register replica!

It took Sparrow seven months to hand stitch these various items. Each of them, while displayed at The Cornershop, can be purchased via the shop’s website. The shop itself serves as a gathering place for a number of sewing workshops specially designed for the community. Who knew dabbling in felt can bring so many people together?!


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