Featured Image for Springbreak Watches: European style wood watches with a low carbon footprint

Springbreak Watches: European style wood watches with a low carbon footprint

What happens when two frat boys put their collective noggins together? Well, you might be surprised. In 2013, friends and fraternity brothers, Kwame Molden and Maurice Davis, had both finished their university degrees (and military training!). They both love quirky, colourful, one off-accessories, so they decided to combine their passion with their business know-how.

They identified a gap in the watch market: wooden watches weren’t anything new, but the existing ones were overpriced and the two felt that what was out there was typically pretty plain and boring. Both being eco-conscious, they also wanted to create a watch with a low carbon footprint, but still keeping it stylish and reasonably priced.

So in April 2013, Springbreak Watches was born. Staying true to their core values, they’ve developed a product line of six unisex watches, with the product name inspired by that “fresh” feeling you get on Spring break (you know, that feeling that usually comes before the hungover feeling).

We tried one out in the office and were impressed with the cool, Scandinavian feel of the light coloured wood, contrasted with the bright colour pop of the face. The best part is how light the watch is, making it super comfortable to wear all day.

The packaging was a little basic, with the watch shipping in a simple silk sleeve. But perhaps that’s more of a testament to the hardy nature of the watch itself, which looks like it could go a few rounds with a beaver and come away unharmed. And considering the watches start at $79.99, it’s forgivable.

We spoke to co-founder, Kwame, who told us that there’s new watches coming for Winter and Fall, with lofty dreams to expand:

‘We are a customer oriented company, so we are using their feedback on designs. We will continue to stay true to our core values of creativity and affordability of our products. We have a huge presence in Europe, so we will continue to expand our brand there.’

Springbreak Wood Watches
Springbreak Wood Watches