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Cthulhu finally gets his own currency

This must be one of the weirdest things we’ve seen on the Internet all day: a community of Cthulhu devotees apparently are waiting for the release of the Cthulhu currency that will reward one worshipper when the ‘Great Old One’ awakens. Huh?

The ritual sounds elaborate too: ‘During the first and second weeks of the ritual, sacrificial amounts are placed in special, once a day blocks. These blocks are a reward to the worshipper for sacrifice made. During the third and fourth weeks of the ritual the rewards build, small at first, then larger as the worship increases with fervor. During the last five days, the ‘Tharanak shagg,’ or “promise of dreamland,” the ritual reaches final pitch and the daily special blocks are highly increased.’ But what we’re more interested in is whether the currency design will look any good. Hmm.

Via io9