A four hour concert was held underwater at a beautiful coral barrier reef in Florida

On July 2 this year, about 500 divers and snorkelers gathered to enjoy the Lower Keys Underwater Music Festival in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. And they did it underwater. Held at Looe Key Reef along the continental United States’ only living coral barrier reef, they submerged and listened to a local radio station’s four-hour broadcast piped beneath the sea via underwater speakers.

‘We started this as an arts and cultural event 30 years ago and thought it would be a one-time thing,’ said event co-founder and coordinator, Bill Becker. ‘It’s the only place we know of where music is put underwater for divers, snorkelers and the marine life’.

Participants described the music as clear and ethereal, with underwater visibility of about 50 feet. Some divers wore costumes and pretended to play quirky metal instruments sculpted by Florida Keys artist August Powers. The unusual broadcast included diver awareness announcements promoting coral reef protection.

Via SF Gate

underwater concert
underwater concert
underwater concert

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