Featured Image for Eastern European capitals depicted using various food items

Eastern European capitals depicted using various food items

‘Illustrating Eastern Europe’ is a series of landscape food art that features the glorious cities of Prague, Budapest, Bucharest, and Warsaw. The collection of appetizing postcard-like images was created by food stylist Anna Keville Joyce and photographer Agustin Nieto. Blogger Derya Ozyuvali, also known as ‘FoodieBackpacker’, commissioned the project as part of his cooking workshop series.

Using simple food items like raw sugar, mashed potatoes, eggs, fruits, and pasta, Joyce was able to illustrate beauty and identity of each city. ‘Each piece has different challenges’, explains Joyce to Mashable. ‘For example, transmit the feeling of fog amidst the light of Prague; give the sensation of water in the Danube River in Budapest; show the colors and designs of Bucharest; and create the idea of height and sky in Warsaw’.

The creative duo was also responsible for another eye-candy series, ‘A Tribute to the Budgie’, wherein different bird species were brought to life using food. You can see more of Joyce’s and Nieto’s works on their websites.

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Illustrating Eastern Europe
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