Featured Image for This is a rare photo of Mt. Fuji’s shadow

This is a rare photo of Mt. Fuji’s shadow

Due to low hanging clouds and fog, the view atop Mt. Fuji is usually blocked, hindering climbers from experiencing the majestic sights surrounding the iconic mountain. But sometime in 2012, during his 4th attempt, photographer ‘Kris J B’ captured this rare shot of Mt. Fuji’s near-perfect triangle shadow draped over the landscape below.

With a stunning photo like it, ‘Kris J B’ shared it online and it immediately went viral. To his dismay, the photo was widely circulated on content-sharing sites without even a hat-tip to him. Even worse, it even became part of those ‘free desktop background’ offerings. He shares the full story on PetaPixel.

You can find out more about ‘Kris J B’ and his work on his website and Facebook page.

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