Featured Image for Law-abiding Japanese citizens simply do NOT make boats from their vaginas!

Law-abiding Japanese citizens simply do NOT make boats from their vaginas!

Did you know that in Japan there is an annual penis festival every April that thousands of people attend. It celebrates the myth of a steel penis built by a blacksmith to break the teeth of a demon that had hidden inside a young woman’s vagina. The festival itself is jam-packed full of phalluses, big and small.

Despite this freedom of male sexual expression, a Japanese woman was arrested last week for creating a 3D scan of her vagina. The 42 year old artist, Megumi Igarashi, distributed the scan over the internet after people responded to a crowd-funding scheme for her latest artwork: Pussy Boat.

That’s right. Igarashi (working under the name Rokudenashiko) created a kayak using a giant mould of her own genitals, the result being that she was able to paddle around in her vagina… wait…that doesn’t sound right.

Rokudenashiko’s artistic archive contains quite a quantity of vagina-art, including lampshades, chandeliers, iphone cases, jewellery and various dioramas. One such piece shows a group of soldiers entrenched firmly in a landscape that looks unnervingly similar to.. you guessed it, a vagina. These pieces were all created using a hand moulded replica, but the intrepid artist needed to upscale her process if she was ever to create larger ‘pussy-art’.

Speaking to The Gawker, Igarashi said:

“I wanted to make pussy more casual and pop. That’s how I came to make a pussy lampshade, a remote-controlled pussy car, a pussy accessary, a pussy smartphone case, and so on. … However, mold by hand has the limitation. … [It’s] not suitable for making large art pieces such as a pussy door, a pussy car, or a pussy boat. I was wondering how I can make it possible, and then I finally found that 3D scanner can make it happen easily!”

Police arrested Igarashi after she distributed the digital information of her vaginal scan online, claiming that it broke Japanese obscenity laws.

This might sound like it’s a laughing matter, however Igarashi faces serious fines and even prison time. The fact that female sexuality is so suppressed in a country where men have so much freedom makes us think that we haven’t seen the last of the pussy-boat.

Via Gawker

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