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An illegible menu! Seriously, what will they stink of next?

I’m lucky enough to live and work between Darlinghurst and Surry Hills, among the hippest and most desirable parts of Sydney. But I have to say, I’ve had just about enough of this ‘hipster’ craze, where everything either has holes in it, has been deconstructed, is worn super-loose or ultra-tight (I can never get it right), or is to my mind symptomatic of downright laziness. Take for example a trip to Surry Hills’ most renowned Chinese eatery last Wednesday.

I won’t name and shame, but suffice to say, the female owner is a highly regarded Australian television chef, author, restauranteur and television presenter. The food was pleasant, albeit over-priced (but where isn’t, these days?). But what really got my goat was the specials menu, which, as you can see, was simply ILLEGIBLE!

I appreciate the fact that the owner had gone to the effort to handwrite each one, but surely it demonstrates a certain degree of arrogance to write your menus in such a way that no one other than yourself is able to read them?

Anyway, just had to mention it. Sorry Kylie. Oops!

Illegible menu